About Us


    Company Outline

    (6/6) Company WLL is a Kuwaiti Company established in 2005 by media prominent Yousef Abdulhameed Al-Jassem in reliance on his experience extending over a period  of around 40 years in the field of information, both in Kuwait and abroad.  

    Its activities focus on the following areas

    -        Media consultancy

    -        Programs production, distribution and broadcasting

    -        Events, Exhibitions and Conferences Management and Organization

    -        Design, execution and management of publicity and advertising campaigns.

    -        Value Added services for mobile phones (VAS)

    -        Visual documentation

    Decoration works for all occasions.

    Media Consultancy

    Our company provides media consultancy services to the following

    - Boubyan Bank

    - Securities House

    - Commercial Facilities Company

    - Gulf University for Science and Technology

    - The Special Team for the Mentally Handicapped

    - Management of  Journey of Hope (For Handy Capped Persons)


    Programs Production, Distribution and Broadcasting

    We produce, prepare and present TV programs and distribute them to the space channels. We also broadcast them through the various available channels.

    The company has produced a number of programs for several TV stations (Al-Arabiah, Al-Watan TV, Kuwait TV, Al-Qurain TV, Scope TV, Al-Bawadi TV). We also  provide media advisory services related to TV production.

    We equip studios with state-of-the-art equipment and provide teams specialized in managing TV production studios.


    Programs Production & Preparation

     - (Kashhool) for Al-Watan TV.

    - 6/6 program for Kuwait TV / Al-Bawadi Channel in 2009.

    - (My Guest & Other Side) during the month of Ramadan 2005, Kuwait TV.

    - (A Personal Visit) during the month of Ramadan, 2006, Kuwait TV.

    - (Messages) during the month of Ramadan2007, Scope Channel.

    - (The Homeland Memory) during the month of Ramadan 2008, Al-Watan TV.

    - (An election Dialogue) Program during the parliamentary elections of2008.

    - (Farewell, Ahmed) – (A documentary on the late Ahmed Al-Rabie).

    - Volunteers for Kuwait – (a documentary on the Parliamentary Elections campaign, 2009).

    - A documentary on “Gulf University for Science and Technology”, 2010.

    - An introductory  film about (The Journey of Hope).

    (Al-San’oussi)  a flash introduction about media veteran, Mohammed Al-Sanoussi.






    Events, Exhibitions and Conferences Management and Organization

    Our company operates in the field of organizing conferences, seminars, celebrations, and provides logistics and technical support for these events.

    Events organized by us:

    1)      Our (CEO) was a member in Higher Organizing Committee and the Information Committee for the Fourth International Islamic Economic Forum from 29 April to 1 May 2008, held under the theme “The Islamic Countries … Partners in International Development” under patronage of his Highness The Ameer of Kuwait

    2)      Member of the Higher Committee for preparing the Arab Economic, Development and Social Summit held from 19 to 20 January 2009, and member of the Media Committee of the Summit.

    3)      The First Economic Forum held under the patronage of HH the Prime Minister, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. We participated in organizing the first forum jointly with Bayan Investment Company from 14.5.2005  to 15.5.2005 at the Kuwait Sheraton Hotel. 

    4)      Participated with Majesty Group  in organizing the 10th Asian Cooperation Dialogue Forum  which was opened at Bayan Palace under the patronage of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, may Allah protect him on 10 October 2011 and which held its sessions on 89, 9, 10 and 11October at the Kuwait Sheraton.

    5)      Participated with Majesty Group in organizing the Information Center and Exhibition of the Ministry of Information on the occasion of the National Assembly elections. 2012 -  at the Kuwait Sheraton Hotel, from 11 to 31 January 2012.

    6)      Participated with Majesty Group in organizing 8th Future Forum held at Bayan Palace on 20 March 2011.

    7) Organizing and managing the( Journey of Hope) and all its activities.

    Events, Exhibitions and Conferences Management and Organization

    8)      Organizing the launching of the (Journey of Hope) project on 19.10.2011, and patronage by HH the Prime Minister, Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Ahmed A-Sabah.

    9)      Organized the graduation ceremony of the Gulf University for Science and Technology for the years from 2009 to 2012.

    10)    Conference on the Role of Arbitration in Encouraging Investment, held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah from 24  to 26 March 2008

    11)    The First Conference on Electronic Crimes, under the patronage and attended by the Minister of Communications, Minister of Planning  and Minister of State for Administrative Development Affairs, Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah Al-Sabah. The conference was organized in cooperation with the Engineering Multi-Technology Company from 25. to 26 April 2005 at the Kuwait Sheraton.

    12)    Organized the opening ceremony of the Corniche Club on 15.12.2005 held under the patronage of the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Tawil.

    13)    Organized the campaign “Volunteers for Kuwait”, an electoral media campaign held on the occasion of the 2009 parliamentary elections.

    14 ) The First Kuwait Economic Exhibition of the Arab and Foreign Embassies in Kuwait, 2010, organized at the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry  on 28-29 November2010 under the patronage  and in the presence of HE, Dr. Mohammed Sabah Al-=Salem Al-Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.





    Design & equip audio and video studios with state-of-the-art technologies

    Our company, through ZAIN, operates a number of (Value added services- VAS) associated  with mobile phones and available to the public by subscription. These are:

    - Art news services provided in cooperation with Cosmo Magazine

    - Sports and football news service

    - Service of Sheikh Dr. Khaled Al-Mathkoor – “Learn about your Religion”

    - Service of Dr. Jassem Ramadan (Health)

    - Service of the Internet Guide (Sports)

    - Service of Mama Ghanima (Old Kuwaiti stories)

    - Service of Addoula Kitchen (Recipes eating)

    We provide sms services and are fully equipped to provide this service most efficiently.


    Publicity and Advertising

    We design publicity and advertising campaigns, fixed ads and moving ads in cooperation with specialized companies.


    TV Documentation

    We undertake audio and video documentation work and regularly update.


    Decoration Works for all Occasions

    In cooperation with Majesty Group  and  the French company Prism, we provide a group of special decoration services for all occasions.

    We provide light and sound decorations (laser) of all kinds, using the  latest technologies in cooperation with strategic alliances groups.

    We provide all the internal and external decoration for lighting, interior  coordination and provide all services needed for various events.


    Our Alliances and Technical Cooperation

    We maintain strategic cooperation and alliances with other media companies which have the capabilities and professional resources that complement our own experience and abilities. These companies are:

    - Al-Nazaer

    - Yellow Cap

    - Majesty Group

    - DMD


    These Alliances help us provide comprehensive media solutions to our customers in all fields.